Monday 20th Feb 2023 – Independent Seat Discussion

Jive 18th Feb 2023

Alicia Reply:

Wow… YES!
Things will start to change now. This is that assumed knowledge we speak of.

If we don’t keep talking stuff like this never comes out. Wow yay yay yay! This is the stuff that takes riders to consistent successes

Flo 18th Feb 2023

Suzanne: So after watching the videos even though Tash is riding for about 15 mins it looks like really hard work for the horse to me . Especially the collected canter. I would think that was enough?
The horse was behind the vertical for most of the ride. Are you working on this? And if so how? My guess would be to check in to see if the horse would take the contact forward by giving. Or is it just a symptom of something else. Am I on the right track?

Jive 17th Feb 2023

Jive Masterclass 10th February 2023

Kathy: When Alicia tells you that you need to let go at the beginning you even said you were afraid to let go but you did. On a horse that is hot but not a schoolmaster horse do you still just let go? I don’t want him to take off crazy I know she also said turn a circle and I got that. Do I do this exact same thing in a horse that is greener than the horse you were riding?

Jive 9th February 2023

Flo 9th February 2023

Alicia Riding Flo 9th February 2023

6th Feb 2023 Part 1

6th Feb 2023 Part 2

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Lesson 9

Sarah: Lesson 9: please could you explain why you are to canter forward then do a 8-10m circle forward until the horse trots? My guess is that although the horses fails by breaking it is closer to success as atleast you maintain a forward positive contact in a > gymnastic frame? 🤗

Sharon: End of lesson 9 has actually given me massive ah ha moment about how the circle line brings the hind leg closer to the shoulder but the whole point of that is to then KEEP it on the straight and then perhaps use a circle the other way to help shorted the other inside and also Keep that. Just finally working out more why these things are important and how that equals higher and higher collection 🤯🤯🤯

Also what I’m missing personally in my riding!

Lesson End of Jan 2023

Lesson End of Jan 2023 Short Clip