RIDES 11th MARCH 2023

Jive Warm Up Trot

Jive Canter

Tash Notes: Used this bad line as I’m really worried by how crooked I am and to my ‘feeling’ I’m straight. In finding the one rein I pushed his shoulder down. The opposite of what I want 🤦‍♀️

Jive Canter

Tash Notes: Crooked again and shoulders not upright. Too much over reaction to find middle and straight? Or not enough micro little adjustments every stride to fix tiny falls so becomes big and noticeable?

Jive Final Trot

Tash Notes: The final trot looks more forward to me. Especially when I went to rising.

Flo Warm Up Trot

Tash Notes: Same thing. Shoulders are falling and not straight.

Flo Canter

Tash Notes: Am I doing it right to get the shoulders up or too big and too exaggerated with corrections?

Flo trot at the end

Tash Notes: More forward? Or still not enough backbone length?

Alicia still shots from comp

Alicia Notes: Slow motion it at the turn… you’ll see the hindlegs clearly behind the front (not losing quarters, not crossing)

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