23rd Feb 2023 Flo Part 1

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23rd Feb 2023 Flo Part 5

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Sharon: Tash in Feb 23 part 4 ride. Where Alicia is explaining, she said she asks Flo to be higher in her head carrage, but Flo can’t be connected where she wants her up there, so she allows her to drop. But the reason that is, is because Flo doesn’t have enough collection yet…..

does collection in that sentence mean ability to shorten and still push up with the hindlegs?, and therefore be able to connect into the bridle
in a higher and higher place?

So Flo can do it in a slightly lower head carriage, so therefore she will keep expanding her barriers there by building strength…

also what exercises will specifically help Flo to develop a better ability to collect (shorten and push)?…….

I think the answer is to make her straight where she is crooked with exercises that assist that and slowly build strength so she can maintain it easier? Which is kind of working on suppleness again. Then because Alicia has an independent seat, the horse can do the best of its ability because Alicia can get out of its way while still supporting and encouraging the horse where it needs it, and feeling when the horse needs to quit, or is struggling which helps build the horse’s confidence?

Not sure if I’m on the right track or you can explain it for me?

Emma: Just watched part 5, was it just me @Natasha Althoff or where you thinking rather you the me Alicia for most of that!? 😂😂 Love how Margo thought her mum can help get the sand out of her eye at the same time too 😅 are a lot of GP horses like that when training as I think I would have jumped off so many times? 🫣 👏 you are both very inspiring!! ♥️

Sharon: Just on lesson 5…. Are you noticing soreness on the outside of your calfs after riding 80/20 and is doing it making it hard for you to do thing with your reins ect, that you found effortless previously. Just interested to hear your thoughts on the impact of changing? Know my legs killed after going up 4 holes, and when I work on the bubble and keeping my legs away from horses side I have to cut down the riding time. Is it impacting your body? Or it’s more mental to just consciously do it, while still performing so well in the lesson and executing higher level stuff? Hope that makes sense, just basically wondering if it’s making you sore riding differently. Or if it’s exhausting you mentally to do all the news things plus try and remember and keep the way of going so good, because your making the adjustments seem easy.

Kathy: Why did Flo rear up so much? (when Alicia was riding her)

Kathy: Sharon you asked whether it affected her reins or other things that seemed ok previously. Does it affect you that way? I find it’s hard to concentrate on all elements and is mentally tough. I’m nervous about upcoming clinic. Afraid I’m not there 🙁

Suzanne: Just watched yesterday 23/2 with Alicia riding Flo. 🤩
Flo is trying so hard, bless her❤️. Such a beautiful girl.
So much 2 point in these videos, I’m really understanding how important it is to get out of their way.
(Hi B&G and Margo was such a good girl)