Jive Ride


Oh gosh I can so understand what Tash is saying & doing!

I find it very hard to analyse “how Archie is feeling today?” “Is he stiff? tired? Board? Etc”. I don’t know?! So I haven’t then a clue what exercises would be the best for him! So I am glad to hear that a GP rider like Tash also doesn’t know!!!🙏

I “try” so hard to keep my hands still. “Just do”. So I “try” to “just do”. I work so hard to “just do”…eg. keeping my hands together, keeping the even weight in both reins etc. However watching my replays I see that I also end up pulling on the inside rein! And not achieving it feeling what I feel that I am doing!

“Just do” …ha! if only!! If i could “just do” ….I would!😂

I would “just do” putting my hands forwards rather than pulling back. I would “just do”..keep my lower legs stiller, rider better, keep on the train tracks, get Archie more supple….etc. I would “just do” it all…perfectly as I know what I want in my head and intentions but reality is different!

if I could “just do” it all, I would be a much better rider than I am and by now! So “just doing” is a goal, but not sounding negative is also an ideal, a perfect scenario! “I am trying” ….yes, very hard to “just get it right”…..if I could, I would! “Just do…..this that and the other…..!🤯🔖🤓.

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