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So today I studied the prelim straightness and leg yielding module and love the videos! Especially with the 4.5yrs old strong frieisan I love watching it not go to plan and how Tash helps resolv issues as relate completely!!
From todays learning I had a real lightbulb moment! So thank you thank you!!! Tonight we finally got a true forward leg yield and a really good start on a correct shoulder fore!!! I felt so good after schooling as if we had just won a gold!! after working on the leg yield and shoulder fore well it transformed everything, forward hind end engaged was over the moon!! Gutted unable to have it on video to learn from! She struggle more bending to left so now need to keep working on it thank you Tash and team! I’ve got my mojo back and can’t wait to ride again tomorrow!

Shelly Marie

On monday I trotted him around a 5 acres field 3 time, with my friend riding with me. I let him have his head to some extent. I do ride him in a rope halter. He just floated and apart from being quite enthusiatic, didn’t put a hoof wrong. Today was huge, I rode him by myself down the road to my friends yard.It is only about 50 meters but it took us 10 mins to get there. I picked up my friend who rides with me and we continued on our ride. Later in the ride I not only trotted out but also managed a canter up a hill. Best of all I haven’t felt a moment panic whilst doing. Woohooo thanks Natasha Althoff for making this material available to us.

Jennifer Smith

So much better than I began in March when I started using this program! Still not perfect but such an improvement in myself! I went on a trail ride at my new farm!

Pam Groom

Half way  through I was riding for clients, still having lesson, riding friends horses and had strtes jumping again, hacking and riding in open spaces. I have now completed the course and am about to take on the biggest confidence challenge to date! And finally achieve what feels my life long dream!

I have found this beautiful handsome ex racehorse. Who has had a  couple of years out of racing but has done nothing but be turned out as companion horse. Soon I will be going to try him under saddle and hopefully next month he will be coming home to live with me! I feel grateful to have found this course. It has changed how I teach students and it insipired me to qualify myself as an NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

I will keep you all updated on Bills progress (potential new horse) and how I get on when I go try him. But I can’t believe my dreams are finally coming true. I have waited a long time for this but it’s because of this course I am able to take this step! Thank you Natasha Althoff and team.

Sam Taylor-Leighton

The program took me a while to work through and I still go back to some section I feel could do with repetition, but the Fearless Riding course has enabled me to reframe my mindset while riding, and even more so, to reframe my own self-image in general (from needing guidance to taking control and making decisions). I am so happy I took the course and that I can see the results.

Matea Makek

I am so proud of me and my boys progress.. Firstly some good news. I  originally Free leased my boy and the owners signed him over to me yesterday.. he is no all min. Secondly took him out today and I really feel like he is starting to trust me.. I feel a real shift in our progress together and I really feel it’s because of this program.

Lisa Gliddon

Super pumped I got organised today and purchase some wireless earphones so I could listen to the first audio while riding. I got a bit lost a few days ago and wow what a difference the audio made!! I even finished off with a walk down the lane. Oh and put my dressage saddle on now I know Chloe is going to behave Awesome ride!!! Thanks Dressage Mastery Team!!!

Simone Pannett

I have to say, it is amazing to see the journey over the years. 1st 2 pics are are 3-4 years ago, before I started fearless mastery. The last pic is from yesterday. When 1st got on this girl, she was a bit hot tossing out a bit in each direction. This is something I would have never done before. 4 years, same horse, changed rider. If anyone is ever discouraged, please remember that this is a process. It is not an overnight fix. It takes a lots of tiem to undo what is typically YEARS of mental abuse we have put ourselves through. This is wonderful group with lots of support. Don’t forget you need your barn, where you do have it. I changed barns 3 times, got a new trainer, saddle, and even friends. I drive 40 minutes to get to this barn but it is the perfect environment for both of us. You MUST have the support at the barn or your journey will be much more difficult.

Janet Aversa

Not really a dressage success but decided to hack today inside of the ring and it was wonderful. A few months ago I thought I was going to have to retire my heart horse. He kept falling out in backend and had a very sticky hock. The vet said more work so  (through a long bit of looking). I became a DMA member and just learning the basics and working on getting him to use his body the right way e has become so strong and now we can enjoy our fall rides in the woods again. Can’t wait to see how he continues in the program. Maybe he will learn some new tricks while we are it.

Elizabeth Mayday

Hi Tash, I have only been doing this workshop with you for a couple of weeks. I am still on Basics course & I just wanted to say that I have never ridden my horse on a loose rein in trot or canter & today I did. He actually was listening to me & when I finished the warm up he was so responsive. I know we weren’t great but I feel we have had a break through. Thank you for all your help in these sessions I am loving it. I am 69 & though my riding days were over when I hit 60 lo. I know I won’t be Grand Prix but hope I can at least try for flying changes, paiffe etc. Sorry about long message but needed to tell you.

Paula Riley

This course is really starting to change my life. This is the horse I originally thought I had lack of confidence riding, as I found out I have it a lot in my life. Here we are having a lesson, today was the first time I’ve ever cantered this gorgeous girl. I didn’t even have the mental block of ‘what if I ‘ I just did it and all I thought was this is going to be so AWESOME! She even jumped in the air from spooking at her own poo and I LAUGHED. No words can describe how much this course has changed everything for me, I’m so happy.

Blakey Jane

Two years ago, my horse stumbled at the canter. He fell to his knees and got tangled in the reins. That moment when his head dropped from my field of view terrified me. For months, the thought of cantering made me feel sick to my stomach. Then I found this course. I worked myselft not only back p to cantering, but also to jumping. Two days ago, my horse and we rode on. Today, I got back on and we jumped around like it never happened. Without this course, I’m not sure I would even be riding now. With this course, I took that stumble in stride, and we kicked on. Thanks, Natasha Althoff!

Leslie Glover Toran

Just an update, been in the course a few weeks now and at the bit about revealing negative assumptions I hold about my riding. This course does make you dig deep but it’s interesting as I’m beginning to see myself responding differently to “frights”. As posted a couple of weeks ago, were on the trail and a big dog spooked us not a major in itself but my old me would have big deal – I died it and I’d have shrunk my world in response. Two weeks out my back’s 95% better and I think my attitude to it all is better too- I’ve got myself a body protector, I went out on a trail ride with a friend on an old schoolmaster, I saw myself trying to do the what if game and I turned it to positive what if. Was a great, slow relaxed nurturing ride. A month ago I would not have been able to manage to fear in such productive little steps. Thank you!!

Ruth McManus

I can’t tell you enough how much this program has helped me! 2 months ago I couldn’t even put my foot in the stirrups and now here I am hacking my girl Theia past my workplace – exploring new routes, on this one we found a stream which Theia decided to jump over and straight into canter.. No fear, just lots of laughs. Thank you so much for giving me the joy back in riding!

Jayne Hope

I just wanted to share my excitement with my progress in the last 7 weeks.
Video 1- 7 weeks ago, first canter since fracturing my spine in April in a riding accident, and first canter on my horse since he came back from lease.
Videos 2 and 3 – taken today having had breakthroughs in contact, rhythm and my own confidence, thanks to Dressage Mastery. I worked heckin hard to get there, but the guidance has been amazing, so thank you

Corinna Chapman

I’m working on side movements this week. Didn’t have anyone to take photo. I’m so happy to be part of this program and get tips and help.

Britt Skryseth Ostvold

So one month in and even though I haven’t been looking for excuses – the howling wind and rain have been real. But I have now ridden twice! Yesterday and today! It’s all making so much sense I kept transplanting those good images over the bad. We only trotted around the garden but I know when I was riding that there is no where else or nothing else I would rather do! Next ride is Saturday! I am so glad to be part of this group.

Kate Harris

I’ve been working my way through the lesson, had multiple surgeries 5 years ago and was finally able to sit a very nice medium canter while letting go, riding a the buckle of the reins and from seat. I don’t have any video, but am quite proud and glad to be a part of this group.

Angela J Demaree

I’ve just started this program and my mindset/story has already changed… SUPER WINDY DAY… upset after an argument with the teenage son. BUT I CANTERED 5 separate times.. off the lunge lead and it felt amazing… THANK you so much Natasha Althoff for your inspiration and techniques to help me overcome my crippling fear of cantering… well we now know its just not fear of cantering this is truly life changing.. and yes this girl is huge, all 17hh of her.

Samantha Cameron

I’ve completed the course and I can’t believe the results!! I was so nervous after some bad experiences with my last horse that I was about ready to give up as I felt obviously just wasn’t cut out to have a horse and not good enough, anyway I found this course and felt I owed it to 10 year old me who always dreamed of owning 1 to give it a go, I bought blondie 6 weeks ago, I’ve schooled, hacked, jumped cantered through fields on my own and am loving every minute of it! I’ve gone from being scared to lead a horse to this!! So don’t give up, believe in yourselves and start living, really living without fear!! Good luck to all you.

Lindsay Mann

I am on chapter 11 character of confidence, interesting, took me awhile to determin the name of my persona. Decided on “Lady Grace” and last week put it to the test. Had a clinic at the stable where my horse boards, we did dressage and then someone requested jumping! Cavalettis it was. We were six, four teenagers, a lady in her 30s and myself, over 50. My turn came to do the circuit, at the galop of course, so pinched my knuckle/anchor and said “Lady Grace your are on!” And we did it We flew over the three cavaletties!! and the next day too! Love it!! Thank you!!

Angela Chambers – Quigley

I had a breakthrough today in my riding. All the videos from Tash, the self-analysis from the class, and the unwavering support of my coach ( and a weekend clinic with Dottie Morkis, former Olympian) paid off. I’ve only been riding again since June, but I was getting very frustrated. I had bilateral knee replacements after getting hit by a car (I was in crosswalk). Life is short, I learned that the hard way so I bought my dream horse (I hadn’t ridden in 30 years) but my legs, and sometimes my own self-doubt, were getting in my way, but today it all came together. My trainer cried. It was amazing. Was it perfect? No. But we have become a team and I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow! Thanks Tash!!

Linda Belliveau Hass

This is my horse Bailey and me at a desensitizing clinic we went to over the weekend. It was held at the place where my horse tell over backwards and broke 5 vertebrae in his withers, two days prior he bucked me off and I tore my rotator cup. Now, almost a year later, we are back. A year of may trials and many successes. I just completed my fearless riding course, and I am back in the saddle enjoying my beautiful, and talented horse again, at all 3 gaits! To think, a year ago, just the thought of getting on him made me sick to my stomach with fear. With the tools given to me by the course, and with the help of an accomplished professional trainer working with Bailey’s own fears, we are back. Enjoy the journey, my fellow riding friends. And never give up! By the way, my riding name is The Phoenix.

Colleen Marie Ryan

Almost finished the second module and all I can say is WOW, I have new found motivation to ride and I’m excited. Even managed a quick ride after work tonight. I am saying YES to getting rid of my fear for good!!!

Renee Burns

Had a great time me and my gal working on contact with the third audio on contact! Loved it and I already made progress. Natasha Althoff-Kelly you nailed it by insisting we find the cusp of the transition the ALMOST gait. Game changer for my transitions and how brilliant are you?!.

Michelle Gray

Hi everyone, I’m from Melbourne and have been around horses my whole life and riding horses for over 25 years. I was in a car accident 20 years ago, had a bad fall 12 years ago and had a baby 10 years ago, all which have meant my riding has not been as consistent and regular as I would have liked, I thought I would give up, but feel horses are apart of me. I have two beautiful horses but I feel fear when ride,fear of falling off, fear of uncertainty and fear of loss of control/ not being good enough. I’m currently up to Part 3 of my Fearless Journey and am starting to shift the negative thinking to positive. I’m really excited to be on this journey and look forward to riding like I did when I was a teenager.

Gayle Kaldellis

Hello, it is beautiful day in Christchurch Dorset. I have been working on rhythm week 2. I have been listening to audio 2 week one. We have been practising increasing the number of steps in the school and I is all good. I am loving this!! 

Jessica Wilson

Hello, it is beautiful day in Christchurch Dorset. I have been working on rhythm week 2. I have been listening to audio 2 week one. We have been practising increasing the number of steps in the school and I is all good. I am loving this!! 

Jessica Wilson

Natasha, I love your videos. You are an inspiration and you have a gift for teaching. Thank you so much for sharing. I am just in the process of starting to learn dressage after years of riding and your approach and videos help immensely.

Jennifer Kelk Beudeker

Hi from Vancouver Canada. I just joined today and I am excited to start on this program. I’ve had a quick look through the material and watched some videos. Looking forward to putting things into practice.

Jackie Chapple

This program is f…. fantastic
I have a NLP Master Practitioner degree (year 2000) and it is so great to get it coupled with fear regarding riding. I am not riding my 23 year old mare anymore as she has issues with her right hip, but I am working ON and OFF with 5 year old horse and a 15 year old mare that has given birth to a foal 1 month ago.I am going to ride the 15 year old mare within the near future and right now we are training both mare and foal to be confident in the riding arena.The owner is handling the foal and I am handling the mare and we are just having SO MUCH FUN.When I work with horses I am focusing very much on the kind of person I WANT to be, smiling, playing, breathing and being calm.I  focus on guiding the energy level meaning if the horse is very energetic I focus on getting the best out of it guiding this energy from eg. going very much forward to having more “suspensiion” in the gaits in order to get the best out of the energy. Have a nice day!

Gitte Nelsson

Hi Everyone,
I started the course in December 2018.Unfortunately my mare Grace became very ill and I didn’t get to rride until March 2019. A couple of weeks after being able to ride I broke my foot and had to have 6 months out of the saddle. Just as I got well my mare became very ill again and we nearly lost her. Thanks to my wonderful vets she is back and now doing amazing.The last two weeks have been absolutely amazing. Thanks Natasha for the program – I still have my moments but with the assistance of fabulous sister helping me out I’m getting there.Along with the program I think the best investment we made was buying a Cee Coach, so that my sister can constantly talk to me and ask me to explain how I’m feeling to her. My sister words of encourargement and support have been a huge help too.A first for us this weekend – 2years since I last did any major cantering I not only did a small circle but spent our entire ride in trot and canter not just walking.Thanks Natasha for giving me the skills to enjoy my riding again.

Michelle Wilson

I am so grateful for all of the detailed and well explained training and answered questions in this program so that I can apply them when I ride and see the amazing changes my horse and I have made!! Thank you Natasha Althoff and Your Riding Success team!!!

Erika Henke

So I joined this course to help me become a competent and confident rider and the videos and instructions have helped me so much. I’m nowhere near even beginner level dressage but this weekend was a major step fro me as we did our very first canter. It was neither elegant or pretty but I was soooo happy!!!

PK Pud

So thankful to this program for helping me to make progress with this guy. I have a long way to go and can see my position needs a lot fo help but lately I have been feeling a noticeable difference in the straightness of my horse. His canter has changed and although in this pic he look a little heavy he is actually becoming lighter all the time. So thankful for the progress and I look forward to what is to come!

Andrea Kroeker

After six months off, the yella terra is back and I’m very excited that he has remembered everything Tash has taught us!

Sue Williams

Today I finally got back in the saddle after I joined the webinar about fear. I have this strange disease that made me lost my balance and I had to learn to even walk again. So I got scared of riding my horse even though I have trained my balance. I just want to say thank you for the class! Now I can enjoy riding again.

Celina Bexander

This time last year I was terrified by the idea of getting on a horse. Today I had no fear at all.

We did some mentally challenging and interesting stuff and Bandendella Resort. We went up on to platforms, across narrow bridges, woobly bridges, see-saw bridges, pits with softdrink cans, pits with water, and all sort of other things. Not once did he refuse anything. He did ask me if it was okay and I reassured him that it was okay. He helped me to find the leader he needed me to be today.

I have the best horse in the world. He is truly one in a million.

There is no way I would have been able to do this after owning a horse for only a few months without the Fearless Mastery program. I’m so grateful.

Alisha Taylor

I started your program last month just love it so far. I’ve been stuck at second level forever and I feel like even after 30 years of dressage lessons with very competent trainers I was still missing things. I was right to start at the beginning again, your videos have been a good refresher course for me. And most importantly got me thinking about how to solve my own problems. I also love to see your Friesian videos as I won a rather lazy one myself so it helps me relate a little bit and not be as frustrated with him. Lol. Keep up the good work and thank you for your help!

Heather M Dziedzic Giovelli

I am having a lot of “aha”! Moments where things just click into place my horse and I are just clicking on to leg meaning “push/ride into the bit” she is holding herself in a beautiful frame and really lifting her back which makes me feel like I’m sitting on a round yoga ball!! Feels incredible.

As for my baby horse, we are learning rhythm and consistency, the fun days of a baby where they go real quick, but then suck back we are finding our middle ground. I use assistance in this awesome lunging system to either work my horses on days I don’t ride, and/or as a muscle building and teaching stretching. In no way does it tie the horse down but offer encouragement and I am seeing incredible results.

Mikayla Mitchell

Hi everybody, I joined though I’m the most skeptic person when it comes to buying subscription Tash quickly prove me wrong. I have to horses my 12 hannoveranian and my one year old holstener/swedish warmblood. To lovely gentlemen whom I love and adore. I have the at home, and I enjoy every minute of it I jump but my heart is in dressage and I love to hack out we live I sweden my husband and I.

Eva Lynn

I have paid for this for over a year and found it very very useful. There is so much information, communicated in such an easy-to-understand way. Definitely worth the investment in yourself and your riding partner. I was brand new to dressage and found everything in the videos super helpful, and, in conjunction with my trainer here in Colorado they have really mad a difference in my riding.

Lori Ellen

Am STOKED with the results from the Equestrian Qld Leaderboard.. CHAMPION Preliminary Dressage on my Rescue OTT Reuban and Reserve Champion Dressage Novice on my Hanoverian Dustee.
A Huge THANK YOU to Tash and her Team

Nance Reinke

It was really amazing, take away was really picking apart my fear.

I’m returning to riding after over 11 years (and 2 kids with disabilities) as well as having bone density issues myself now, and while I’d paid lip service to the impact of doing risky stuff, I hadn’t realised how deep the impact of what its were for me right now. (Single mum with zero support caring for my kids, so no back up plan if you will).

But it’s also given me a new appreciation of the horse I’ve been riding.. that I can trust her, because I can trust me.

Laura Duck

What a great day with my incredible Knight. Ride Test Ride Testing at training Level 3. we scored a 68 and I couldn’t be prouder of him. After a winter of rain and cold, training and lessons have been challenging. We have been working so hard to improve and intensely watching our Dressage Mastery program and working so hard each week. It’s been 8 weeks since my trainer has seen us and I’m so happy she saw our hard work paying off. Love my OTTB. He steals my heart 2019 goals Level 1 here we come. He is so handsome.

Wendy Schonfeld

“She was one of the main reasons I felt I could take on my beautiful yet extremely challenging pony. I raise my glass to you Natasha for inspiring so many riders around the world and I thank you for making me believe in myself.”

Cally Loridas

Natasha Althoff Thanks for trying to help with issues concerning my ‘genius’ who can pigroot from canter to trot. You were right. He WAS blocked but it was my collecting too much prior to the trot that blocked him.
He used to be ridden by a para rider so is super sensitive to seat aids. If I don’t let my back ‘go’ during the transition his backside hits his neck and we have pigroot!
Problem solved!

Rebecca Bloomer

“Thanks for all you do I decided to watch your video on over coming fear. I’m only 40 but with my confidence. For 6 months I’ve been recovering from a knee injury while I got off a green horse. My anxiety has been worse because this green mare had bolted on me that day too. My daughter and I got gifted a beautiful gelding we have had him 2 months and my fear was getting worse. Well this weekend I got brave and took a dressage lesson on my new horse. He even spooked on the way home and it was no big deal my sprained ankle held up well. Thanks so much for your videos.”

Tara Grunwald

“I only wish there were more trainers like you out there!!”

“Excellent, Excellent trainer!! Not every great rider should teach, they assume they can, but then there are riders who were meant to do both. You were meant to guide future generations in the saddle, I only wish there were more trainers like you out there!!”

Cheryl Albright

“Tash’s videos have inspired me – don’t give up on your dreams!”

“Had to share. I qualified for the RDA National Championships on Beau coming 1st in dressage and in showjumping which I’ve only just started. I can certainly say our riding journey has come a long way in a year.”

Lisa Jane Griffin


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