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If you want to reconnect with your love of horses and your passion for riding, overcome your fears and increase your self belief, then make sure you join us for our Breakthrough to Confident Riding Success workshop which is being held for the last time on April 12-13th!! Entries close next Friday April 4th (this Friday), so make sure you click here to come and join the fun now!! 🙂

Tash and Abe June 2013Natasha is now blogging for EQ Life!!

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Personal Development Quote 03“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”

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Getting it RightGetting it Right

“Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better” – Emile Coue. Check out Natasha’s article on Getting it Right!

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Confidence Quote 03“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” – George Bernard Shaw

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We had dressage with the stars last week, and we have had a lot of comments about Natasha and her drive and passion to get out there an compete so soon after having her baby, so we thought we would share a past Your Riding Success TV episode – Where Does your Passion and Excitement Come From?

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Competition Quote 04“Look in the mirror – that’s your competition”

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Goalsetting Quote 03Goals are dreams with deadlines.”

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Nuno OliveiraMotivational Dressage Riders!

Training Your Horse – an insight from Nuno Oliveira

Dressage is often likened to a dance between horse and rider. I started thinking about the way a top ballroom dancing couple grace the stage. The man is in the lead, but we don’t see this. He doesn’t haul the lady around the stage and she doesn’t snarl or grind her teeth at him. He is leading but she is with him, willingly, enthusiastically, and if she falls behind he is balanced and stable enough to help her regain the rhythm without losing the flow of the dance.

In dressage, the rider has to lead the horse, otherwise you would end up over by the carrot stack or, in a stallion’s case, frolicking around the paddock of young mares.

However, dressage master Nuno Oliveira used to advise that riders must not play the masters all the time, but learn to what extent they must intervene.

A great dance partner leads his partner, but he also allows the female half to stand on her own. Only when we allow our horse the room to move without constant use of aids, can we see what is there that needs attention. If a man holds the lady up, he will not know where she needs help and as with every pair her strengths are his strengths, her weaknesses his weaknesses… article from

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01 Tash smiling copyTash’s Training Tip

When you are riding the sitting trot – smile!! 🙂

 If you are tense in any part of your body, you resist the movement and stop going with the horse. You must be loose and supple to go with the horses back.

Smiling helps you loosen the face muscles, which has a carryon effect to the rest of the body… 🙂

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