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Breakthrough to Your Confident Riding Success

 We had a fabulous weekend here at YRS HQ with Natasha’s popular “Breakthrough to Confident Riding Success” workshop being held for the 5th time. If you missed out on the workshop, and this is something you are interested in, make sure you email us at info@yourridingsuccess.com to see how you can do it via correspondence.

Articles – Goals

It’s very important to know how to properly outline your goals. Click here to go to the article now!

Danika’s Thought of the Week!

We have a new member of the Your Riding Success Team – Danika!! And she would like to share her thought of the week – If you’re happy and you know if clap your hands – click here to watch it now!! 🙂

Tash’s Training Tips

When you are riding lengthened stride make sure you half halt as well as ride with your legs! 

If you only ‘push’ you will get running with no carrying. Remember you don’t want faster strides you want bigger strides! So half halt as well as leg aids to tell the horse to use more energy to take a bigger step, without the half halt the horse runs on the forehand and flattens the movement.

Trending on YouTube

Check out the latest episode of Your Riding Success TV! This week Natasha answers the question “How do I get the same seat with stirrups as without stirrups and grip with my thighs rather than my knees?” Click here to watch it now! 🙂

Motivational Dressage Riders!

Gold medal Olympic rider Charlotte Dujardin gives you 5 equestrian tips – click here to watch the video now! 🙂

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