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Breakthrough October 2013Breakthrough to Your Confident Riding Success

We are so excited to be running our Breakthrough to Confident Riding Success workshop this weekend!! Don’t worry – if you were unable to come or you missed out, we will be offering it in an online version so that you can do it via correspondence!! 


Check out what Gabbi had to say after completing the workshop:

“I knew I would love the workshop but it was sooo much more than I expected. It has already made a great difference to my riding and how I feel about my riding goals.”

I discovered the Breakthrough to Your Riding Success workshop through the Your Riding Success monthly magazine – I have always wanted to do the Dream Team, and thought it was a great opportunity to see if I should take that next step! :)

I was very excited to be attending the workshop – the biggest learnings I took away form the workshop were reframing, trust and vision, things I have always used at work but not in my riding… and it was great discovering why!

My favourite part about the workshop was learning about my vision; I am sooo excited, this has made my goals so much more meaningful.

I found Natasha to be Fantastic, Energetic, Approachable and Knowledgable. It would have been great to have more goal planning… but I know this is in another of the workshops, which I am really looking forward to attending!

I knew I would love the workshop but it was sooo much more than I expected. It has already made a great difference to my riding and how I feel about my riding goals.

I would recommend this workshop to ARC members, and anyone who is wanting to achieve better results than they are currently achieving.

Gabbi Choong
Breakthrough to Your Riding Success
April 2013

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Self DisciplineArticles – Self Discipline

“Do what you should do when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.” — Thomas Huxley.

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10151751_853610747988275_1994945200_nDanika’s Thought of the Week!

We have a new member of the Your Riding Success Team – Danika!!

And she would like to share her thought of the week – SMILE!! 🙂

10007271_851823371500346_150630829_oTash’s Training Tips

When riding a straight line, imagine your horse is a train and you are the railway. Your left leg and left rein is one side of the track, and your right leg and right rein are the other side of the track. Like a train can’t deviate from its tracks, the horse is between your two legs and reins and can only go straight!

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This week Natasha answers the question “How do I stop my horse from taking off on me and get him back under my control?

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10012489_851827501499933_183043986_nMotivational Dressage Riders!

What is a good dressage horse? Here’s what Johan Hamminga who is a national Grand Prix judge and a member of the selection committee for the World Championships for Young Horses in Verden…

“I think a good dressage horse meets the following requirements:
1. A good character, always willing to work, also at championships or shows that last longer than one day

2. Three good basic movements, of which the canter is the most important. That needs to be powerfull, have a good jump, an active hindquarter and a lot of balance. Especially at the higher levels, canter is important (pirouettes, tempi changes, half passes)

3. The horse needs to have the x-factor and self carriage, and a good confirmation, a body that is built to work and dance.”

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Upcoming Events!

April 12-13th – Breakthrough to Confident Riding Success. That’s this weekend! In case you couldn’t make it or you missed out… we will be offering this workshop online via correspondence!! Stay tuned for more details 🙂

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