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Today we have a question about tightening your upper thighs to sit better in the saddle when you ride… how can you squeeze the upper thigh and keep the lower leg relaxed at the same time?

If you squeeze the knee the whole body comes up – so we don’t want to do that! What we want to do is squeeze the upper groin muscles… when I first learned that it was the upper groin muscles, I had no idea what that was! It’s all about body awareness… tightening one small muscle while keeping the rest of the muscles relaxed!

We want to have an amount of tension in the body – so not too relaxed, and nice long deep seat, and just squeezing the upper thighs… they suck you in and keep you in the saddle.

You pretty much need to do this the whole ride – you need to stay in the saddle and move with the horse – we want to suck into the saddle and go with the horse. This is what that upper thigh muscle is for. It’s going to be a really weak muscle to start off with, but it will get stronger with time and practice!! 🙂

I trust that answers your question… have an amazing week, good luck in your riding, and let me know if you have any questions!

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