What This Pack Includes:

– Opportunity to send through your riding video for Grand Prix dressage rider Alicia to review

– Receive a video with feedback and list of action points

– 7 Days Access To Live Coaching Sessions (up to 40 hours)

Instructions For Submitting Your Video For Review

– Film your ride, focussing on the movement or challenge you are having in your riding that you need help with.

– Upload your video so that a link can be shared and watched online (rather than having to download the video to watch it). You can use YouTube (and make the video ‘unlisted’ if you would prefer other people not to watch it) or Vimeo to name a couple of platforms that will host your video so that it can be watched online.

– Email the link to your video with some information on what you are working on in the video and what you would like help with to

– You will receive a video with feedback and action points to work on back from Alicia, our Grand Prix dressage rider between 2-4 weeks after you submit your video.

– Remember, if you need help with submitting your video, please get in contact with us and we can walk you through the steps!