My Horses Mane Is Now A Bracelet!

Weekly Wrap Up 25th September 2018

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Hi Riding Superstars!! Welcome to the weekly wrap up 🙂

Now you guys know I love to help you as much as possible and love to give as many videos as I can and put out as many videos that can help you and assist you in your riding journey. And I love to do that. I love to help.

I have been so, so lucky – the gorgeous Christine from Brijazzle Horse Hair Jewellery has contacted my team unbeknownst to me, found out my wrist size and cut off… they hacked my gorgeous Friesian Abe’s mane… well they didn’t hack it. They took the tiniest amount and sent it off to this gorgeous Christine from Brijazzle Horse Hair Jewellery who wanted to put together a bracelet for me to say thank you for all the free videos and all the great content that I provide. So thank you. Thank you so much Christine. I’m wearing it now.

She knows that it couldn’t just be black horse hair from my favorite horse in the world, Abe. She also added some gold in there to make it shimmer and shine and be awesome. And she also added a bling – a swarovski crystal in as close to gold as she could get!
It’s really, really cool. I’m in love with it. And thank you so much. Christina wrote me the most amazing, beautiful letter you made me cry. I’m so thankful that I could have helped you in such an amazing way, and thank you for my gift, I really appreciate it.

On that note, I wanted to let you guys know I’ve come up with another cool, cool free gift that I wanted to give to you guys if you want some more help in your riding journey.  

So what have done is been running a web class, and this class is all about how to be and look and ride like a Grand Prix dressage rider in as little as riding sessions a week. In this class you’ll learn how do you actually make progress in three rides a week. What’s the one training secret that you have to use in order to get results, make progress, and move up the levels? What do you do if you don’t have a good horse? How do you still progress? And how do you get your riding results, if you don’t think that you have a good enough horse? I cover all of that in my class and I would love for you guys to attend. It is my gift to you. It is there to help you in your riding journey. So if you guys think you’d like to know how to look and ride and be and progress to being a Grand Prix Dressage rider, check out that class! The link is below. Have the most amazing week and I’ll see you next week!

Dressage Web Class: Secure Your Place