In today’s video, we are going to answer your questions about how this pilates, created by riders for riders, will help you improve your core, seat, stability, and posture so much. And in doing so, how this will enable you to progress much quicker.

We are also going to answer, where did this idea of combining specific pilates exercises come from, and why did we do this?

See this is not for riders that love pilates, although if you do, this is a bonus. But we wanted to show ALL riders that by doing certain exercises and movements at home, you can accelerate your seat, your core, your balance, and the influence of your horse WITHOUT having to ride multiple horses or even ride 10+ times every week!!!

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If you are looking for a better way to train dressage, a clearer step by step system to follow, AND looking to have more fun in your riding with faster progress.

I’d love to hear from you how you go and what strategies you use when you are training your horse.

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To Your Success,

Natasha Althoff