The principles to success are not unknown. I believe everyone has an idea of what is required to be successful.

I also believe people out there want to be successful – I think if you asked most people if they would like to be rich, successful and happy, the vast majority of people would answer with a ‘yes’.

So why are many people poor, unsuccessful and miserable?

There was a man who was being called the Whiz Kid on Wall Street who appeared on the cover of an American magazine years ago – he was one of the first to put a large corporation together, causing some of the federal laws about business in the 1970’s because of the trends that he started. By the age of 42, he was running one of the largest industrial groups in America – the corporation he had built himself. The magazine doing the report decided to do a lot of research to make sure the article was as in-depth as possible.

Some of the research took the reporters back to a small city the ‘Whiz Kid’ had left 15 years earlier, where an alcoholic of the same name had been sleeping on park benches at the time. When this information was passed along to the reporter who was conducting the interview with the ‘Whiz Kid’ president, the reporter rather scathingly relayed it to the ‘Whiz Kid’, saying “ Believe it or not, a man with your exact name was sleeping on park benches and getting ousted by the police when you lived in your hometown. I guess the poor guy was a real wino. Isn’t that something?”

The ‘Whiz Kid’ replied – “That was me”.

The reporter didn’t know what to say “You’re kidding”

After the reporter realised it was the truth and apologies were made, the reporter said “I have to ask – what made you change?”

What he said rings so true for so many people: “When I was sleeping under newspapers in the park 15 years ago, I knew that someday I would do what I’m doing now. I was just waiting until I was ready to start.”

So many people are like that – they have good intentions but are lacking two of the most vital components of success: the motivation to start, and the plan or goals to keep them moving forward.

How many of you are waiting to start? I believe most people stay being poor, unsuccessful or miserable is because they think one day in the future they won’t be … but which day is that?!!??!

It is something I have done a lot of study around. Why do people sit on the fence? Why do people struggle with making a decision? Why do people fear taking action?

I know why they do, but just because I know why they do doesn’t help them! You know why? Because they have their story!

If someone wants to be healthy but they are not, and I ask why not today – did you make a decision to be healthy, which includes a decision to go for a run and a decision to eat nutritious whole food? When I ask why not make the decision – I get the story … I am waiting until after my birthday to start, I am waiting until winter is over, I am waiting until daylight savings starts … and of course … what do we know …. when the birthday has happened, or winter is over or Daylight savings has started … for some weird reason the health decision still hasn’t been made!

Why do we do that? Why do we wait and actually believe the BS story that we tell ourselves?!?!? It’s our way of protecting ourselves against what we fear way more than making the decision … which is making the wrong decision!!!!!!

We think it is the end of the world if we make a wrong decision because … if we make the wrong decision then we might be out of control, and not know what will happen next. We will have the unknown and human beings despise the unknown! The reason we don’t like it is in the old days uncertainty could lead to death. If we ate the unknown berry we could die. If we pat the unknown saber tooth tiger … we could die.

But there is no risk of dying now! If you make a wrong decision you can make another one!!!! If you make a decision to get healthy and start running, and you hate it – that’s fine … start playing tennis instead! You will be ok!!!!! The important thing is you have made the decision to be healthy and you are committed to that.

When it comes to riding I see a lot of people unwilling to take action because of fear … and as we have just said … fear of what? The unknown? You need to be ok with unknown! Embrace it! Because that is where the magic is!

So I trust you have made a decision just now. And that decision is an important one. It’s a decision to take action, a decision to start. Stop waiting for one day and choose THIS day as the day that changed it all!!!!

To Your Success!!!

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