Hi Super riders! 🙂

How is everything going with you? How is the riding going?!?!?

Some of the people I have spoken with recently have been upset with their riding – either it’s not where they want it to be, or it’s not easy at the moment, or they have lost their desire for their dream as they doubt themselves that they have it in them to get it…

So if that’s where you are right now, I wanted to give you some tips to help… 🙂

I love this quote by Robert Tew: “Who you were, who you are and who you will become are three completely different people.”

Let’s think about this 🙂

Who were you as a rider?

Who were you 10 years ago as a rider? For me I was riding Elementary – not very successfully, not getting the whole dressage thing, and pretty much thinking it was all too hard.

What about 5 years ago? Who were you then as a rider? I was again riding Elementary with a new horse but I had ridden my old horse to Inter 2, I understood this dressage thing a lot more, and I was having a lot more fun.

What about 1 year ago? Who were you as a rider 1 year ago? I was about to launch into Grand Prix, not knowing what I was doing but determined to have fun anyway… I didn’t have one-tempi’s, and I had never ridden a Grand Prix test.

And what about now? Who are you right now as a rider? Right now I can get my ones, I can ride the Grand Prix, I have ridden the test over 25 times in competition, and over 100 times at home. Right now I am focused on doing less and having more, making everything more effortless, engaged and exciting. That’s me right now.

Now this is the fun part – who will you become as a rider? What kind of rider will you become in one year? What about in 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? Are you getting it?!!?!? Did you see ALL the progress and learning’s and knowledge you have gained in your past? Do you see how 10 years ago the rider you were then is vastly different to the rider you are now, and therefore the rider you are now is vastly different to the rider you will become in your future.

People wonder why I don’t despair when things go wrong and it appears
I have ‘failed’. Well it’s because I know it’s (a) necessary and (b) transitory. Let me explain 🙂 Failure, mistakes, uh oh’s, problems, challenges, hardships, dramas… whatever you call them, they all are necessary to teach us how to be better, how to cope with more, what to do differently, how to think differently.

I am ONLY the rider I am today because of the problems of yesterday and trust me, I had millions of them, but they all served me to make me better. The other thing is – they don’t last. Think of your biggest riding failure or mistake or problem you had 10 years ago – does it still plague you now? Does it still affect you now? Is it even a problem now? For me 10 years ago my biggest problem was how to get my horses neck out – now my problem is how to keep my flying changes straight – a different and much better quality of problem.

So when you feel like you are not making progress, and it’s all too hard, and maybe you want to take up running or another sport, remember you are right where you need to be! This is a journey, and it’s a marathon not a sprint. You will arrive and you will get there, as long as you keep going. Keep solving the problems, and keep creating better quality problems as you go.

I meet with a mastermind group once a month and we all share our biggest challenge and then brainstorm how to address it, we all get very caught up in it, and as one of the other members said last time … you know what … SUPER problems to have!!! And we all laughed! Because it’s so true! You think your problem is you can’t get into grade 2? Try the person who’s problem is that they have never done a dressage test, or can’t rise trot, or can’t even get a horse yet!!!!

Another quote I love is: “ If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back” – Regina Brett

It is so true! So love your problems! Realise they are part of who you are, will become part of who you used to be and will help you be the who you will become!

To Your Success,

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P.S. Trust this has helped you in your journey!! :)

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