Week Beginning 14th May 2018

Weekly Wrap Up 16th May 2018

Nutrition has always been an interest of mine, and I have really been having fun with playing with this and partnering it with mindset.

Dressage Mastery TV Ep215

Some people can only ride with the whip in one hand, but it’s really important to learn to be as dexterous with both hands so that you can use the whip in each hand!!

FearLESS Friday TV Ep59

What do you do if you are scared to give your hands in the canter?  Are you scared to lose control? It is so important to be able to give your hands at any time when you are riding a horse.

Monday Minute Motivation Ep120

No on else is you and that is your power. Did you know that? No one else is you. No one else has your combination of skills, no one else has your particular experience.

Competition Mastery TV Ep13

How do I do an accurate 10m circle? This is the arena cut in half – your arena on the short side is 20m, so half of this is your 10m circle.

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