What Should I Work on Prior to My Competition

Dressage Mastery TV Episode 142

Natasha has a competition this weekend so all the horses are in preparation! Today, Natasha talks about what you can do to prepare your horse for the competition season!

It’s Nearly Christmas!

Monday Motivation TV Episode 60

12 Days of Christmas

Wednesday Wrap Up TV Episode 56

Today Natasha talks about Christmas being only around the corner and our Christmas Gift to you! It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas!! And we are so excited that we have created a super 12 Days Of Christmas for you full of fabulous and awesome free offers!


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Working on Connection on a New Horse

Dressage Mastery TV Episode 143

This is Georgia’s new horse and today Natasha talks about working on connection with a new horse 🙂



Sneak Peak! Character of Confidence!


Belle Equestrian

 Enjoy this Sneak Peak to Month 10 of Natasha’s FearLESS Riding Program 🙂 We are so lucky to be sponsored by the amazing Belle Equestrian.


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