I had three lessons with the amazing Clemens Dierks over the weekend.

Two were fabulous, the horse was great, I was great, Clemens was saying how great it was. But that was all great …. except – we don’t get anywhere! It can’t be that great – because I’m not winning Grand Prix yet – so it was time to dig deep and find the not so great.

And so we did! Ahhh!!! I have not been pushed as a rider like that for about 5 years!!!! I was bawling my eyes out back at the float … in a good way!!!!!!! I have to stress in a GOOD way!!!! People go “wow you cried, what happened?”! But I am a super emotional person!!! I laugh easily … but that means I also cry easily. My emotions are very close to the surface and I am constantly training myself to control them!

Anyway! I was crying because I was pushed WWWWWWAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY out of my comfrot zone! Like way out!!!! Like I was in in outer space!!! And despite the tears and emotions I knew …. YES!!!!!!!! This is fanatstic!!! Change is occuring and I am SUCH a better rider NOW because of this lesson!

I encourage all of you to find your ‘moment’ where you are pushed ‘too’ far! Where you think you can’t take it and it’s super uncomfortable!
I know I seek those moments constantly – and as yukky as they feel at the time .. the GROWTH is amazing!

My husband goes to the gym 5 days a week and has done for the last 13 years I have been with him. Nothing makes him happier when he comes home from a BIG workout at the gym and he can’t lift his arms over is head. Why? Because he has pushed his muscles to exhaustion. This means with the right nutrition and environemnt they will respond by growing bigger and becoming better than before!

I LOVE growth! I want to grow learn and improve EVERY day – and I know the only way I can do that is if I stand up, step up and move out of my comfort zone to embrace the unfamiliar, as that is where the fun and improvement is!!!

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