Heath Ryan Clinic

I have just returned from an inspiring and exhilarating lesson with Heath Ryan. As he said during my lesson – I haven’t learnt anything today! I’ve just been reminded of things I already knew.

You get that riding is easy in theory. You read a book, you know how to ride a horse – yes? no? 🙂

The thing with riding is that you have to remember everything. You need to remember to do 10 things, all at the same time, and sometimes we struggle with that.

Take my one time tempis. I used to say “Oh my god, I have to keep him straight, AND keep him collected, AND keep him active, AND keep him soft, AND let go with the hand, AND not move my body, AND relax, AND don’t override  AND COUNT TIL 15!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!”

Haha 🙂 You see:

  • I can keep him straight – check
  • I can keep him collected – check
  • I can keep him active – check
  • I can keep him soft – check
  • I can let go with the hand – check
  • I can not move my body – check
  • I can relax – check
  • I can not over ride him – check
  • And last time I checked I could count til 15 – check 🙂

BUT all at the same time!!!!!!!!!! Like my brain was in overload!

Do you remember when you first started to learn how to drive a car?

You have to keep the car on the road AND look where you are going, AND watch traffic, AND stop at traffic lights, AND look out for other cars, AND check your speed, AND change gears, AND some people can talk while they do all of this!!!!!!

When you are learning something new with your riding, you need to remember to break it down before you put it all together. Can you do each thing separately to start off with?

For example a trot leg yield:

  • Can you control the trot?
  • Can you keep the horse straight?
  • Can you keep your body straight?
  • Can you put leg on, to ask the horse to step sideways?
  • Can you control the ammount of sideways with your rein?
  • Can you keep your reins and legs still and only use them when needed?

And once you can do all of the components, can you do it all together, all at the same time?

Thats why doing anything at the walk is so much fun – because it is at a slower speed, you can practice putting it all together, thinking about all of the different things all at the same time, before it starts to happen so much faster – like in the canter.

This is why I am OBSESSED with dressage! It’s such a thinking sport. It’s not a question of whether I can physically do it, it’s a matter of I need to develop my thinking, so that my body can unconsciously do it!!!!!!

I wish everyone fun and success in their journey of putting all of the different components together!!!! 🙂

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