Hello Superstar Riders!!!!

I have been doing a lot of reading the last two weeks, getting into my quantum physics, laws of success, and just for fun I had to read the new Jodi Picoult book – Sing You Home.

While each book is different and had so much to teach me(!) There was one theme that was consistent with each. That was – fear only holds us back and limits us.

Fear is designed to tell us if we are going to die – if you fear jumping out of an aeroplane, I think that’s a good thing!!!! You should fear that! Especially if you don’t have a parachute!!!!!! 🙂

But if you fear doing a dressage test, or fear failure, or fear looking stupid, or fear rejection, ridicule, frustration, being emotionally hurt. Well I think that kinda sucks. Because by fearing that, I think a few things might happen.

1. What you focus on, is what you get to the exclusion of everything else.

So if you are focusing, or as I call it playing the ‘what if’ game on the crap, it will be more likely to come your way. What if everyone laughs at me, what if I fail, what if nobody likes me, what if it’s a complete %^&* up, what if I get hurt, what if I look stupid?

Oh Please!!!! If you want to play the ‘what if’ game, can we play it the fun way?!?!

What if everyone loves me, what if I succeed, what if everyone cheers for me, what if its a complete raving success, what if I get love and support, what if I look like a genius?!?!

That’s a fun game! I love that one!

They say dreaming is planning for things to go right. Worrying is planning for things to go wrong. Both are delusions, because both haven’t happened yet. So if you are going to have delusions, let’s pick fun ones shall we?!?!?!?

2. Fear holds you back. If you fear the dressage test, or fear making a decision in your life, or fear launching a new business – that fear keeps you small. That fear keeps you stuck, and that fear keeps you in inaction. Well, what is the good of that?!?!?!? What possible benefits do you get from letting fear stop you from taking action? Don’t answer that – I know what benefits you get!!! 🙂 But really it’s not a benefit, it’s just you perceive the pain of experiencing what you fear, is worse than the pain you experience for never going for it in the first place!

3. You don’t get to live the life you want to live. When I work with a client, the client is usually very good at telling me what they don’t want – I don’t want to be sad, I don’t want to fear X I don’t want to experience Y. That’s great, but I have no interest in what you don’t want – I’m interested in what you do want. What emotions do you want to experience, what do you want to have happen, what do you want to experience. The more language you have around what you do want, the more you focus, and seek answers to getting what you want, the more likely you will have it.

The antidote to fear is action. Every time. So I ask you – what are you going to do?

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