Hi Superstar riders!!

How are you all doing? This week I am so excited – I am running my first Breakthrough to Your Riding Success Workshop this weekend, and have been putting the finishing touches on everything in preparation! If you missed out this time – don’t worry, I will be running another one next March!

We have had a few comments on a video that has been up on YouTube for a while… so in case you haven’t seen it, I thought I would include it in this weeks blog! It’s all about balance – one of the keys to having the perfect seat!

Remember that all of us sit differently because we are all shaped a bit differently! Balance is created ONLY from your two seat bones and your fork – arms and legs are NOT involved!! A great way to improve your seat is to ride without stirrups – so your challenge for the week is to do just that and let me know how you go!

To Your Success!

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p.s. Love to hear how this has helped you in your riding journey! 🙂

p.p.s. – If you are struggling with aspects of your riding, and just need that extra support with your dressage – click here to read about Natasha’s Riding Program!! :)

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