Holidays!! 🙂

As I am writing this, I am lying by the pool in Fiji!I know – lucky lucky me!!! And I am very lucky!

I am lucky to have such an amazing team of Kate and Loes who I completely trust to look after EVERYTHING back home with the horses adn the businesses, and I know when I come back things will be better then when I have left! That is such an amazing feeling and I am very grateful to have such wonderful ladies beside me.

I also am so grateful to my amazing parents in law who have very kindly offered to stay at our place to look after my baby great dane Austin and my two precious cats Cosette and Delta. So with home all sorted all I have to do is sit back and work on my tan!

Well not really! 🙂

I have been writing every day – new ideas, new plans, perfect visions – as well as articles and other fun stuff. What I wanted to talk about today though, is why I believe holidays are so important, and I fully believe EVERYONE should make SURE they are taking regular scheduled breaks. Why?

Something to look forward to:

I have been saying for the last month, only 4 weeks to go, 3 weeks to go etc – I am such a kid and I love getting excited about the future, so I love the build up and the anticip…………..ation for events. Nothing to look forward to can sometimes leave you feeling uninspired and feeling like whats the point. With holidays scheduled through the year you know what the point is, and you know what you are working towards!

Something to reward yourself with:

I work really hard. And I tend to take too much on, and wonder why I feel under pressure, and a lot is on my plate. But thats ok! Because its only for 3-6 months, until I have my next holiday and I can relax. So I relish the pressure to perform, because it’s not like it’s there for years.

I get more done:

Think back to your last trip, then think back to the week before the trip. Weren’t you Miss/Mr productive!?!?!? Studies show workers can be up to ten tiomes more productive in their last week before holiday, as they can’t procrastinate and leave it until next week – because they wont be there!!!

I go one step further and say I can’t go on the holiday unless I have finished certain tasks! Yes, productivity is definitely up!

I reconnect with who I am and what I love:

I love what I do but if I haven’t taken a break from riding for over a year, even I get a little disillusioned with riding 5 times a week 3-5 horses a day.

I go on a holiday and literally three days in I’m like “Phil, lets go on a horse ride, can we go on a horse ride, oh my god Phil a horsie”!!! I reconnect with my 7 year old child in me that was horse obsessed – that all she wanted to do was ride and be around horses.

I remember my parents took me on a trip around the world – they kept saying – this is a trip of a lifetime – here is the Eiffel tower, here is the Acropolis, here is Disneyland … I said the same thing every country … can I go on a horse ride can I go on a horse ride can I go on a horse ride! … Yes I was a super daughter! 🙂 So if I ever very occasionally get the thought – do i love horses? Do i want to be around them 24/7 – all the time? All I have to do is go away for 3 days to know the answer is YES!!!!

My horses and my riding is better!

Have you ever had a 2 week break got on your horse and all your issues are gone, and you and the horse have just gone to another level of success. I get it all the time!!! I love it!!! Sometimes I think … hmmm maybe I just won’t ride for 10 years, get on and the horse will be a GP superstar?!?!? Ok so maybe it doesmt happen exactly like that but breaks are good for you and your horse. You get a fresh approach, you don’t have the history of the past so fresh in your memory and you ride more form feeling.

You are less stressed and more carefree – makes for a better feeling rider:

If I am riding and find myself getting irritated or not patient, I know I need to take some time off. A friend of mine was talking about getting over grief, saying everyone says keep busy. I’m like ahhhh don’t do that! Think about it when you get busy, well you are just that, you are busy, you are doing 100 things, and have no time for you and can’t keep up, stress is up, if your grieving you don’t need more stress you need less!

Holidays are perfect because you get back to it all being about you! And that is important. Society sometimes portrays that negatively as it’s selfish, but it’s the areoplane story … look after you before you put the mask on your child. It’s the same here. On holidays you connect with your passions, you do only what you want to do, what you feel like, when you feel like. Of course you ride better after you have done that for a week!

You get a new perspective:

Come back from holidays you are more grateful for what you have and you feel lucky. You are warm, open, positive and calm. Mmm sounds like great riding characteristics.

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