Getting things done.

Hands up if you have an amazing procrastination strategy?!?! I know I do!!! I never feel the urge to do something until there is pressure to do it. When the pressure is there, however, I am amazing! For instance, right now I am writing this at 1am on a Thursday morning as it struck me that I could give great value to all of you by telling you how I have found my inspiration.

Call it motivation, inspiration whatever it is. You know what I mean? When you are unmotivated, lying around doing nothing, and all of a sudden there is a trigger and you are off and running. People have it with weight loss, they have been meaning to lose weight for a year, suddenly there is a school reunion or someone asks when are you due?…and all off a sudden motivation suddenly arrived! How did that happen? Or take riding for instance its wet, winter has arrived, your not riding as much as you should and suddenly you hear that someone you used to compete against has moved up a level and is doing so well, so you should be too – instant motivation to ride. Or you suddenly realize your next competition is 2 weeks away and you haven’t even gone through the test – instant motivation, I have to ride.

What I want you to learn is a strategy to use so you can fire off your motivation strategy at a moments notice.

First you may have heard this before. People are more motivated by pain then by pleasure. So if this is the case how do we motivate ourselves?

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