That’s the best way I can describe this week!!

So this week I have a Keuring on for my Friesian horse stud. This consists of getting 13 horses – including mares and foals – down to Werribee Park to get judged. That’s fine by itself – but on the Friday night we are also putting on a Friesian gala to showcase the breed. I am riding in, or my horses are involved in, 5 and maybe a 6th act, if I can learn to ride perfect side saddle in a day!

So that requires learning all the tests, several costume changes, music put together, and just a certain level of finesse put on the top.

I am also launching the new Dream Team program on the 1st of April which is HUGE for me. It’s a program I deeply believe in, and am putting my ALL into, to ensure the lucky members create the most amazing results for themselves.

So, I found myself on Tuesday having a little ‘pressure’ attack. And I thought – interesting. So I did a little self coaching!

Where was the pressure coming from?. .. ME – it always comes from me, pressure to show my horses well, pressure to keep to uncompromising high standards, pressure to over deliver.

Cool, so if I create the pressure – that means I can relieve the pressure!

Sometimes pressure is good! I use it to push myself, meet high standards and over deliver on what I say I will do.

But sometimes I over do it, and rather than becoming a good thing pushing me, it’s a thing that paralyses me. It makes me shut down and fold into a ball and not be my best me at all.

So today I got up and removed just the top 10% of the pressure valve. I made it ok to stuff up in the test a bit, I made it ok to do my best and go with the flow. and out of nowhere, of course my horse overperformed in his test and did the best work of his life! I was struck with two new ideas to make my Dream Team even better and the Keuring – well we will have a lot of help from my gorgeous friends and I’m sure we will get all 13 horses washed, clipped and presented perfectly!

So make sure you use pressure to become better – remember pressure makes diamonds! And if you have turned it up too far – remember YOU control it all so turn it down slightly and enjoy! Life is to be enjoyed and laughed at! 🙂

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