What to do when it doesn’t go to plan?

I had a very big competition last weekend – Equitana. I did two of the most disappointing tests of my life! Hmmm, that sucks.

So what choices did I have?

1.              Cry – Yep did that 🙂

2.              Threaten to quit – Yep did that too! 🙂

3.              Call myself a pathetic loser who couldn’t ride a toy horse outside the grocery store – Wow what great empowering language there! Yep did that too! 🙂

I could go on and on about all the choices I had and I did all of them. As a coach a lot of people think I never have a bad day, that I am never angry and I am never anything but positive. I’m here to say – don’t be silly – I’m human!!!!

Perhaps what is different is, as a coach I KNOW nothing USEFUL will be gained from staying in the states above – crying, blaming, self hate, etc.

So I give myself an hour for the ‘pity’ party. In this hour I can say/do/feel whatever negative, hurtful, stupid, non-productive thought I want. But at the end of the hour, I need to get up and MOVE ON!

So I did I had a super pity party, it was great! I cried, tantrum, blame, self hate. Then it was time to move on!! My favourite question – What have I learnt from this?

My mentor says ‘History is not useful unless it tells you how to do the future better’… So what did I learn, to ensure history never repeats itself?

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