Challenge Yourself!

When I was in Fiji last week my husband Phil wanted to go parasailing. Sometimes I choose to have an issue with heights and find doing things like that challenging, but I was on holidays and more relaxed then normal so why not – we could go together so I would be ok. When we got to the Island though the wind wasn’t strong enough to fit two people at the same time so we had to all go separately. This meant me and two other girls were a little bit affronted knowing we now had the choice to go alone or not go. I said I would go, as I believe it is always good for me to challenge myself. I was there, nothing could go wrong and the men guiding us in for landing and assisting with takeoff were very experienced.

So I put myself in their hands and off I went. For those of you that haven’t done parasailing … you go up very quickly! That, I wasn’t prepared for, so I spent the first 30 seconds thinking “oh $%&*!, I want to get off… oh my god you cant get off – I’m stuck up here, what if I faint – will I fall out, will I die? But after 30 seconds of unresourceful states I took a breath realised I was stuck up here, and I wasn’t going to die, so I may as well look around and enjoy it. And enjoy it I did. It is so calm and serene. I was definitely doing “how’s the serenity”

I decided while I was up there I may as well release some other thoughts ad beliefs that weren’t serving me – and it was so liberating being 50m in the air swinging around in the air flying almost so free, natural and one with the earth. … For those who know me, you know I am not spiritual or one with mother earth! But it was one of those rare moments where you realise how unimportant and important you are and how nothing and everything matters.

Ok, I am getting to the point. There were two other women. One who was also terrified but also challenging her beliefs and going up, and another woman who didn’t speak much english but she kept saying it wasn’t fair – that she wanted to go up with her husband. It was funny, me and the other girl quickly accepted the new plan and didn’t waste time or energy complaining or wishing we could go with our husbands … we were too busy using all our time and energy preparing and psyching ourselves up to do this on our own! This woman kept thinking if she talked about it long enough she could change it … she couldn’t.

When it came to her turn she was still complaining. Rather than focussing on the here and now of the task, she was still caught in the past and focusing on that. Then came take off and she suddenly realised what was happening and lost it. She hung on to the cords of the parachute that tightly and strongly, she couldn’t take off and she landed in the water – luckily just missing the speed boat. As you can imagine, there was more blaming, shouting and understandably she was still upset, she didn’t go up and I wonder what else in life she has missed out on because of her strategy?

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