Hi guys 🙂

I had the Victorian Dressage Championships this weekend. Now I want to be totally honest with you… Can I do that? I can be totally honest with you? I think so, I think I can.

Ok so I went into the vic champs a little apprehensive this year. Now, that is really, really different for me. Normally I go in all good, happy excited ready to rock and all that. But this time I was feeling… I don’t know – none of those things. Being a coach I am always watching my thoughts like a hawk, and I was having crazy thoughts! Thoughts like what if I stuff it all up? I’m such a loser I can’t even do a straight centre line. I’m such a shit rider why am I not good enough? Oh well once I go bad I’ll have a cry and then it will be over.

Now can I just say… WHAT THE #$%^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All those thoughts are planning for failure. I had already told my unconscious what was going to happen … and it wasn’t good. So I very quickly had ‘that’ conversation with myself. You know the one where you say “No, you’re great, you’re going to be so awesome and everything is going to be perfect” … little bratty voice talks back “no it’s not, you suck you’re screwed” etc.

You know that voice. I don’t know what purpose that voice has … well actually I do – it’s called your ego and it’s there to protect you, but it rarely does that, or even serve you in any way.

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