Every day I jump out of bed and can’t wait to get going! Why? Because I have a purpose. My purpose is to inspire others to live to their full potential. I can be quite annoying to be around because I have no filter for excuses, can’t, shouldn’t’s wouldn’t, there are no reasons why I can’t have anything I desire as long as it is within my control to aquire it. So when I realised others don’t feel like that I uncovered my passion to inspire and show others how to have their dream life and live to their full potential.

As I am a rider myself, I know how much riding dressage is a self discovery program. The horse is the mirror reflecting us. So anything the horse does well, that is you so congratualtions! This also means everything the horse does not so well, that is also you and that also means congratualtions! You see to change the horse, its easy! Yoou are in control just change you.

When I realised this my riding changed forever! Until then I had thought riding was out of my control – that I had to react to the horse and I was in the passanger seat! Scarey being in the passenger seat … especially when your driver may not be the best!

Now I know, it is all me! It starts with me, it ends with me.

Yes I am still working in partnership with the horse I react to the horse underneath me and constasntly adapt and change what I am doing to ensure the best results. But I am the LEADER! I am the one that makes the decisions. And the horse follows me.

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