Go after what you WANT not what you LIKE

Difference?! Ya?!

I love principles! This is an awesome success principle. But like all principles – simple and easy to understand, complex and challenging to do. OR is it?

What do I mean by this phrase – go after what you want, not what you like?

Well, if we look at the first part – go after what you want – this may be:

  • Winning a TTT event
  • Getting to Grand Prix

It might be

  • Being a size 6
  • Running a marathon


  • Earning a million dollars
  • Getting a degree

Whatever it is, these are things you WANT.

Now I absolutely GUARANTEE to get them, to get any goal worth getting, your need to do things you WONT LIKE!!! I know – bummer hey!!! Like I always say! Dammit you mean I can’t get all my life goals, success and happiness by sitting on the couch eating Tim Tams?!?!!? Damn you life!!! 🙂

I get it I do! I want to sit on the couch too!!!!!! … but sitting on the couch with my shoulda coulda wouldas wont make me happy.

So it’s time to get off the couch and get what we WANT!

Yes, to get what we want, we will have to get up early, stay up late, sacrifice, make decisions, get out of the comfort zone, etc… all things we don’t like. But I’m not interested in what you like! I’m only interested in what you want.

So if getting what you want is most important to you, get your emotion out of it, and just do what has to be done to get it!


To Your Success,

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