Getting Results

Well, I had a very successful weekend with Jorrit winning one Novice test and coming 2nd in the other Novice test on Saturday in Werribee, and on the Sunday coming second in both of the Elemenatry tests and winning overall Elementary champion, at Elcho Park in Lara!!

Ebony Park Jorrit - Elementary Champion

It’s always nice to get the results, and sometimes it is easy to say “wow, well that just looks really easy” …. but these results have taken 4 years to eventuate.

I imported Jorrit from Holland in 2006. EI hit, and I didn’t actually get him home until mid 2007. I had dreams of being Preliminary champ 2007, Novice/Elementary champ 2008, Medium/Advanced champ 2009, PSG champ 2010 and a Grand Prix start in 2012. … Don’t you love plans!

As it turned out we are 3 years behind where we should be! 🙂

And why we are behind you could surmise because:

  • I didn’t plan enough
  • I didn’t ride long enough
  • I didn’t want it enough
  • I didn’t do the work

All of that, but let me tell you – I never planned more, rode longer, wanted it more and worked harder then I have in the last 4 years, than I have with that horse.

But no matter what I did; I hit a wrong turn, I would fall down – sometimes literally! I was constantly met with brick walls, unsuccessful results, and constant evidence that I wasn’t good enough and I was never going to make it.

I came the closest I have EVER come to giving up on a horse. And that is saying something! 🙂

I had high end coaches saying give up on this horse, he will never make it to Grand Prix.

But I was lucky enough, fortunate enough, and smart enough to keep going, and keep searching.

That journey got me to Heath Ryan, who after one lesson gave me some tools and ideas to keep his head. Since then our rides are getting better.

We still have bad rides, and we still get lost, but we are getting there – so that is what is so satisfying about the results coming in now.

So I wanted to share this story with you, in case you are not where you planned to be in your riding journey. If you think you can’t, wont, and shouldn’t and everyone around you is telling you the same … maybe, just maybe this is the inspiration you needed to keep going! 🙂

I would love to know your personal riding journey and how this has helped if you would like to make a comment below!

To your success,

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