So, I am sitting here knowing I have to write this blog, and I have written a few lines, then crossed them out. Then decided to move to another project, written a few lines on that, then crossed them out, then gone to another project, repeat, etc….!

You see, I thought maybe the problem was the project – I’m not in the right ‘mood’ or the right ‘zone’, so I’ll focus on another project – maybe I’m in the mood for that one… no not that either!

As I do it, I am laughing at myself! Because I know EXACTLY what I am doing! But that still doesn’t mean I don’t do it anyway!

It’s called a ‘procrastination strategy’ – but even more than that … it’s self sabotage.

The problem isn’t the project, or the ‘mood’ or the weather! The problem is me! 🙂

How often do we have that in our riding? Oh, the horse was sick of the arena, so I went for a trail ride… or… I didn’t want to work on transitions today, so I didn’t. I was training a client recently who actually admitted she doesn’t train halt transitions, because she knows how bad she is at them. I’m like WHAT?!!?!? And proceeded to train halt transitions for the remainder of the session!!!!!

What is self sabotage – Wow, I could talk about this topic for days! But the gist of it, is doing what isn’t good for us.

So – my wasting an hour, working on five projects and getting none done, does nothing except tell myself I am inadeqate and not good at doing projects.

Blah blah whatever!!! So why do I do it?

Again, I can talk for days – but we mainly self sabotage out of fear. Now, I know you’re thinking – man it’s just a blog post, what are you scared of about that?!?!? And I’m not! … If you delve deep into my psychology, I’m not afraid of the blog post, mag article, training tip, emails or manual which are on my to do list … I’m scared of the last one … which you can’t know about yet because its a surprise! Let’s call it project X. I am scared of project X, because it means the same old stuff, stepping out of my comfort zone, facing the unknown, uncertainty, vunerability, blah blah… same old stuff!

Do you see that if i take action and finish the blog, the mag article etc, if I finish it all, all that is left is subject X!!!! And I will have to do it! – Well, I’m sure I will attempt to go into a self sabotage pattern again once I get there! But are you impressed! My self sabotage kicks in even before I get there! Gosh I’m talented!!! 🙂

So with your riding, do you see how if you fear cantering, your self sabotage will kick in – remember it’s trying to keep you safe, it’s a darling thing that is trying hard but really – don’t!!!! But if you fear cantering, and run your self saboatge pattern, you then might not trot – because that means you’re only one step away from cantering, and then – well maybe you shouldn’t ride because it’s windy, and then before you know it, you have cleverly not ridden for a week, and you keep asking yourself – why don’t I feel like riding, when it’s like oh yeah – that’s why!

So seeing as this is written, I’m going to now go and face project X! Bring it on! And for you, whatever you are self sabotaging about today – face it, do it and bring it on!!!

Love to hear your thoughts on self sabotage and how this has helped you in your riding

To your success,

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