Today I have inspiration for my blog from a guy at the gym…

No he is not hot, tanned, muscled, tattooed and sexy.

That’s the other guy! 🙂

This guy, I would say is mid 60’s, short, grey hair, a small keg rather than a 6-pack

…. and I’m in love!

I don’t know his name, but any time I walk into the gym he catches my eye and yells “Hello!!!!! How are you!!!!!” Every time he is on a different machine and I say “are you having fun” he says – this is my favourite machine!!!!!

I have been going to the gym over a year, and every time – not 9 times out of 10 – EVERY time – he is smiling, laughing and saying hello to everyone from all of his favourite machines. He is always feeling great and happy and always tells me and everyone else how good they look.

Now do you know why I am in love?

How can you not love being around a person like that?!?!

Someone who is just full of life and energy and happiness and most importantly…

So caught up with helping others, that it doesn’t even occur to him to think about himself.

He doesn’t have thoughts like

  • Maybe I shouldn’t say hello to her, she doesn’t look like she wants to talk to me?
  • I hate gym and I hate this machine
  • I look silly, and I should just blend in, do my work out and leave
  • No one said hi to me so why should I say hi to them?

Do you get it?!?!?

He is so busy thinking about others he hasn’t got time to think about himself.

How do many people go about their day…


    • What will others think?

    • What will others say?

    • What will others do?

$%^& it!

Focus this week on helping others and putting a smile on SOMEONE ELSE’S face, and notice how your happiness and smile is taken care of!!!

To Your Success!

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