Thursday 23/02/2012

Hi Superstars!!! 🙂

I had a Super Tuesday this week going to see “A Chorus Line” at Her Majesty’s Theatre. “A Chorus Line” was one of the very first movies I remember watching – and I was obsessed with it!!!! I would dress up in stockings with my bathers over the top to look like them, and dance and sing to the TV almost every weekend. I always played “BeBe Benson” but then switched over to Cassie, as she had the big dance/singing solo near the end. Come on! Surely all of us dressed up and acted to movies on TV… ?!?!?! Or ok, that was just me then! 🙂

Anyway, it was great to hear the old songs again and immerse myself in the story. For those of you that don’t know, the musical is about 17 hopeful singer/dancers auditioning for a part in the chorus. The director wants to know who they really are, not just what is on their resume, and they all reveal their inner most secrets and vulnerabilities as to why they are there, and what made them become a dancer.

There was a time in my life I wanted to become a singer in Musical Theatre. I ‘like’ to sing, but I didn’t ‘love’ it. My father was against it, and I just didn’t love it with passion and desire, so I let that dream go. My father was against riding and horses too… and we all know how that turned out! 🙂 In life you must be guided by your passion, and my passion for horses was all consuming, I was going to ride no matter what, and I was going to have horses no matter what – no one could talk me out of it. Whereas with my singing, you could talk me out of it, and I knew the kind of rejection and hard times I was going to have to go through to ‘make’ it. And unless you have that unwavering passion, and that unwavering belief and love for what you are doing, you will let the hard times beat you.

As life imitates art, 1,200 hopefuls auditioned for the parts in Chorus Line. 17 were successful, but more importantly 1,183 weren’t. 1,183 dreams and hopes shattered. That’s not to say all 1,183 won’t get other roles in other musicals, but for that one, that dream, they need to deal with the fact that they didn’t make it.

So what about you? Are you ‘passionate’ about your riding? Do you LOVE it! No matter what? It’s like a marriage 🙂 In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health – do you love riding and want to keep doing it no matter what happens? I hope so! I would love to say don’t worry – the bad times don’t come… but they do, and all you can do is remember how much you love it, and use that to push you through.

To Your Success,

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p.s. – To read about how Natasha’s training is going this week now that she is back from Thailand, click here if you a member of Your Riding Success 🙂

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