Merry Christmas everybody!!!! :):):):)

I wish you an amazing Christmas break!

I always use Christmas time to reflect on the year that was. So how was your year? Did it live up to your expectations? 

What about the failures? I love celebrating and exploring my failures, it’s my chance to see did I fail – or did I make mistakes?

You see a failure is awesome! It means I had a go, I took a risk, I said yes – then figured out how, I learned, I grew, I advanced. I made gains, I became better.

But a mistake. Now that’s depressing. A mistake means – I didn’t learn, I didn’t grow, I didn’t try something new, I didn’t advance, I didn’t make gains, I didn’t become better. I stayed the same, and in staying the same I went backwards. 

So how do you know the difference? Well the telling sign is; failure happens once, and you don’t do the same thing again. Instead you learn from it, and do something different the next time. That’s different to a mistake, when you do exactly the same thing again. So if this year you failed and you didn’t learn from it, you didn’t think about what to change, you just went ahead and did the exact same thing again … well that’s a mistake! Don’t do that!!!!!!! 🙂

Learn from your failures and you will always succeed! 

Keep making the same mistakes, and you will always fail until you change something.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas!!!! Have an amazing time with family and friends, and have a great time reflecting on 2011 and planning for 2012. Look out for next week, as I will be sharing a video on goal setting for 2012! 

To your success!

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