Thursday 22/09/2011 - Your Riding Success

What is your response when obstacles come your way?

I have had some challenging days this month, and for everyone I talk to, they also have their challenges and roadblocks standing in their way.

… Good it’s not just me! 🙂

You see – I know obstacles come to me, come to you, come to everyone that is living! It’s the joy of life. How can we gain confidence, get ahead, step up and move forward unless we are given challenges … and we overcome them.

What really ^&*$s me off though is when people sit down, stop, slow down, give up… because of these obstacles.

What the?!

By giving up and saying no, they are saying I can’t to themselves, they say I don’t think I can handle this, I don’t know if I can do this, I don’t know if I deserve this.

And that’s just crap.

You see sometimes people run a procrastination strategy that can last years. They are waiting for the:

  • ‘Right’ time …
  • ‘Right’ moment …
  • When the kids have started school…
  • When there is more money…
  • When they have more time…
  • More energy…
  • More confidence…
  • More ability…

Arrggghhhh it gets me so frustrated because I KNOW you only get those things when you take action! I learnt this very early on in my coaching studies, the ducks will never line up!!!!! Just as you almost have them in a line one will go off and you will have to start again.

So in your riding remember:

It’s ok to take imperfect action. Stop making excuses and reasons why not. Start making results!

To Your Success,

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p.p.s. Love to hear how you are going overcoming your challenges!!! 🙂


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