What is success to you?

Hello beautiful people!!!! How are you this great day today?!?!

Today I want to explore the notion of ….

What is success to you?

When I think success – the first thing I think of is:


It has to be measured by the individual! Success to one person is not success to another! If I bench press 45kg that is HUGE success to me!!! Weeee!!! Go me! … if my husband bench presses 45kg he is a failure as his definition of a successful bench press is 145kg!!!!

In riding, success to me is over 62% in a Grand Prix… as soon as I achieve it, my new definition of success will be 65%. When I am riding a young horse, success to me is 70% in the prelim, but for my rider Loes it would be unfair for me to put that expectation on her. She is not me, she does not have my experience or knowledge to achieve that, so for her it’s currently 65%.

Is this starting to make sense?

So before you start doing the whole “I’m no good, I can’t get this”, etc… measure your success to you!

I have started pole dancing … now compared to my coach, I am not successful at any of my tricks, and don’t even get me started on the body rolls! But compared to people that have never danced before I am very successful. So which is it? Am I a loser or a winner? … Interesting … Especially when you get quantum physics involved and say – well I am a part of the whole and the whole is in the parts, so I am the pole and the pole is me …. Ok ok! I promise I’m getting somewhere with this!

The second thing I think of with success is:

I don’t believe it’s something you attain, it’s something you do. You don’t go out to the store and ‘buy’ success, you ‘do’ it.

So for me I measure success on PROGRESS. If I am making progress then I must be having success every time! I don’t believe success is something you GET – I think its something you DO. To me, success is practice, persistence, determination and willingness to explore and try new things.

The third thought I have on success is:

Success is in the JOURNEY – it’s in the never-ending moments of now – it’s not in your future, it’s your present. You see, if you fall into the trap of – success is the Olympic gold medal – and you are not successful until you get that, then you have missed the point. You were successful every day of that journey, because every day was a step towards that medal. To me, I take it even further and say the success is the overcoming of failure, so in the overcoming of getting bad scores that eventually had you post the winning score for the medal. That to me is the success!

Love to know your thoughts!

To YOUR success!

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