Time and Energy…

Last week I had the Saddleworld Victorian Dressage Championships in Werribee, where my man Abe and I competed in the CDN Grand Prix!!

I was happy with our test, and while there were still many mistakes, Abe and I worked as a team and we had a lot of fun.

The championships were an amazing learning opportunity for me to realise – to be at the top of the sport, I need to dedicate more time and energy into this area of my life if I want to excel. This of course leads to many more questions – such as am I prepared to do that? etc. What I do know is that I am committed and dedicated to making my businesses the best serving businesses for our treasured, amazing clients, and making sure I do anything and everything I can to assist them in their dreams coming true. That’s where my energy and time goes, and if that outcome means my riding comes after that – then right now I accept that, and that’s where it needs to be.

Have you ever had that?

When you wanted to dedicate more time and energy into something but you already had energy elsewhere?

Thats where YOUR values are so important! So important! You need to know what is important to you, and you need to know what is MOST important to you. Because then, trust me – every decision is easy! 🙂

So what do you value above all else? If you could only have one thing – what would it be?

Write it down.

Then the next one. What next is most important to you if you had to choose… and so on.

For some people it’s family, others business, others riding, and you know what…??

There is no ‘right’ answer!

The ‘right’ answer is the one that is RIGHT fo you!!!

To Your Success!

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p.s. – Love to hear how this has helped you in your riding and decision making!

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