What would your horse rate you?

Don’t you love it?!? We like to complain about our horse, say he/she let us down, he/she needs to get better, be nicer to us, be better for us.

But let’s do this as an exercise – what would our horse rate us as riders?

Lets say out of 10 – what would your horse rate you for:

1. Fairness in training, and positive and negative reinforcement

2. Niceness in rewards for things done well

3. Balance in the saddle

4. Accuracy of aids, and giving the horse every chance to succeed

5. Pushing them fairly out of their comfort zone, to grow and develop, but not too far with too much pressure.

I think of Abe and me, and I guess for me, that checklist is running though my mind all the time.

Am I being fair? Should I tap with the whip to get more passage, or he is giving me the best he has? I always give food rewards after I ride, and sometimes in the session to really say to my horse – thanks buddy for trying. Or thanks mate, that was super! I am always critical of my position, and make sure I work on it daily to ensure I am balanced and still with my hands – if my horse makes a mistake, I ask first – was that me? Did I allow him to come through or was I crooked? Same story when he makes a mistake – well did I set it up right, or should I have had him more collected to make sure he was ready for it, and always what is the right amount to push him? Can he do more, and needs a push, or he is at 100% maxed out?

What about you? Would your horse give you a 10/10 for all those things? Something to think about perhaps …. 🙂

To Your Success,

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p.p.s. Love to hear your thoughts 🙂