What a great weekend I had last weekend! It was my 30th birthday which is so very exciting, as I got to compete on my actual birthday – which is such a thrill!

I was also very lucky to experience some of my amazing Dream Teamers kick some great goals! I am so proud of all of them, and know they had learnings and distinctions which will serve them well now, and in their compelling future. As we all know, the riding journey is long and sometimes challenging and confronting. I love that I can be there to suport them, love them and champion them to their success. Yes there will be failures, disappointments. There always is! But to see you get up when you fall, that is where I couldn’t be more proud or happy! So CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!!!! :):):) xxxxxx

I also want to point out one special lady, who is a bit of my hero after last weekend.

This amazing woman has wanted to compete since 2003 in EA competition, but basically had let fear paralyse her all this time, after her horse had reared on her and fallen on her at her first ever show. For 7 years, she had let fear stop her from doing what she wanted to do, she was scared to compete, scared to canter, and really scared to do anything in case she lost control and something happened.

… then she met me! 🙂

I still remember the first time she came to me – she was shaking, her heart rate was about 190 beats per minute, and she had already thrown up her breakfast. I will also never forget seeing her 30 minutes later canter around my arena with a smile on her face, tears of joy running down her face, as she had finally broken through a fear that had been paralysing her and affecting her for 7 years.

Of course, neither her nor I could sit still for very long, and thought from there we have to go and do it out a competition.

So there she was Saturday and Sunday cantering around WERIBEE in a TEST, and there she was that same smile, that same release of knowing – ah ha, I can do this, I AM doing this, and how fun is this!!!!!

For someone to face such deep seated fears takes courage, strength of character, and a certain kind of determination that I have to admire. What Sara would have had to push through to get her goals was amazing – anyone who has been paralysed with fear will know this. But there she was pushing through, determined this fear would not win, would not beat her, and she was going to win.

Thats why she is my hero, and that’s why I am so blessed and happy to work with her!

As always, now there are new goals and new results to achieve, but none of them will be as hard, and none will mean more than what she did last weekend!

Congratulations darl! So so proud of you and pumped for your rising future!!! 🙂 Bring it on!!! 🙂

To all of you having to dig deep and find that inner courage – I trust you are inspired by Sara’s story, and I wish all of you success in your goals!!!

To Your Success,

Natasha Althoff Signature


p.s Sara is a diamond member of the Dream Team. Dream Team 2012 is getting ready to launch applications in September! Can’t wait to chat to you then 🙂

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