Are you getting what you want?

I remember when I first did my coach training I was told – “Right now. You have the life you want.” I was like no I don’t!!!! But the more I learn, the more I explore, and the more I coach, I know this is true.

It can be confronting to take it on board, or even downright scary. Because if you believe that it is true, and you think this is not the life of your dreams, well somewhere… it is.

If you are not the weight you want – guess what – you wanted it! If you don’t have the results you want in your riding – then you wanted that too.

I know!!!!

You see if you want to compete Grand Prix – and you compete Prelim – then at some level you want to compete Prelim. You may have fears, negative beliefs, concerns of success, but I know for a fact there is something in your unconscious preventing you from having what you really want to have, and instead giving you what you want – safety, security, familiarity. And as long as you want that – you won’t get what you really dream of!

But that’s ok, because the best thing is – if you know you OWN your non-results, then you can own your results.

It all lies within you.

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To Your Success,

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