How do you know what the right decision is?

I am challenged by decisions every day, as I am sure you are as well!

Some of these decisions are once off – what colour should the logo be? Who should I breed the mare to? What should I include in my new workshop?

Some of these decisions are recurring – what should I choose to eat, should I go to the gym today, should I ride today…?

So how do you make a decision?

In NLP we learn how to elicit a strategy and therefore play with it or change it for a different result.

I was lucky enough to model and elicit an amazing woman’s decision process. She is a multi-millionaire with many successful companies and is the quickest, clearest decision maker I know.

How she makes a decision is to base it off success criteria.

So if she is about to do something and it is on the list of criteria for success she will do it. If it isn’t – then she doesn’t… seems pretty simple!

How cool!!!!

How do most people make decision?


On how it feels!!!!

Take a riding decision – to ride or not.

The decision is easy – based on the criteria for success to get to Grand Prix, it says that we need to ride 5 times per week.

So decision = Ride

What do most people do?

Make all of the excuses…I feel low on energy… it looks dark and rainy, I don’t feel like it…

So decision = NOT Ride.

So of course their results change! One will get successful results in their riding and the other one won’t!

Take weight loss as another example…

Decision – to eat chocolate cake or not?

Based on the success criteria for weight loss, it says to eat fruit, vegetables and protein – NO CHOCOLATE CAKE…

So the decision is NO chocolate cake!

Or the other choice that you could make…

I feel like cake, one piece is ok, I want it, I need it.

Decision = eat the cake

Again one strategy based on the decision will be successful in weight loss, and the other won’t!

It all comes down to decisions…

So what decisions are you making?????

To Your Success!

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p.s. – Love to hear how this has helped in your riding decisions

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