Back Yourself

13 years ago, when I met my now husband, he told me I had to barrack for the Richmond Football Club. Me knowing nothing about football at the time, said I like yellow and black colours and tigers are cute – so ok! So for 13 years, I have watched them never win a grand final, and on each occasion I have gone to see them play they have lost. I was lucky enough to go again two weeks ago and witness a win! But win or lose I love to analyse the game.

I don’t know the intricacies of football enough to pass judgement, but being a high performance coach I am so tempted to get into the change room … and …. no focus Tash! No, not get into the change room to watch them shower! But to tell them one of the biggest secrets to increase performance!

Are you ready for it … because it works not only for football, but riding, business and pretty much life in general!

It’s to back yourself!


Back yourself.

Right or wrong, good or bad, win or lose, BACK YOURSELF.

When I went to watch the footy two weeks ago, I watched time after time, when the player was confident, when the player was sure of himself, it is almost poetry in motion, they kick the ball and it just finds the next player, which finds the next, which finds the goal and score! Then the pressure comes on, they HAVE to kick it, especially in the defence where if they stuff it up the other team could score a goal, and I see them second guess themselves, they hesistate, they over think, they scramble… and more often then not the other team gets possession and scores the goal.

Now this play tends to come from the younger boys, the ones playing their first year or so. But I have also seen it with experienced players – they have just lost their confidence along the way. There are also young boys playing their first game in AFL that go out and score 5 goals and never second guess themselves.

What I love about confidence is – if you scored 5 goals, then you would be confident, but you will never score 5 goals unless you are. It’s the classic chicken or the egg. Perhaps in your riding, you say if my horse goes well then I can trust him, but what if you need to trust first for him to go well? 🙂

To me it’s the same in riding. Perhaps at home we are confident and secure and everything is going right, but then in a test the pressure is on, you have to get it AT that moment, and do you rise to the occasion or falter?

So do yourself a favour if you want to get better in your riding or performance or even in life – back yourself. It sounds so simple, but when you apply the principle it changes everything.

To Your Success

Natasha Althoff


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