The Three Biggest Mistakes Riders Make Trying to Get Their Seat Better For Sitting Trot - DMA TV EP30 - Your Riding Success

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We had such a fantastic response to Natasha’s last extra long video on the three biggest mistakes riders make when try to get their horse on the bit… and Natasha has been feeling so motivated to ride after the birth of her son… that she decided to make another extra long video for you!! 🙂 This weeks extra long video is on the three biggest mistakes riders make with their seat in the sitting trot – enter your details below to be taken to the full video! You will also receive three FREE videos on mastering your dressage seat, connection & roundness and transitions.

Check out the first part of Dressage Mastery TV Episode 30 where Natasha explains the first part of the three biggest mistakes riders make with their seat during the sitting trot.

The below video explains the first point of the video, which is all about not doing enough of the sitting trot!! Practice makes perfect 🙂

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