Hello riding superstars!!!! 🙂

I trust you have had a wonderful week this week! 🙂

I have moved houses and properties this week and I had a lot of fun packing and re-stacking my bookshelf.

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There are many books, courses, DVD’s, CD’s and manuals in there, and while not everything in there is all in my head, accessible to me… a lot of it is and I use it every day. My mentor once said to me, read 10 books in a topic you want to be proficient in and you will be an expert. Now, of course you then need to go out and implement the information, learn from it, grow from it, put your understanding on it, and ultimately make it yours. But the knowledge is already out there.

If you can’t canter, the knowledge on ‘how to’ is out there.

If you are challenged by your fear, the knowledge on ‘how to’ overcome it is out there.

If you can’t figure out flying changes, the knowledge on ‘how to’ is out there.

Your job is to go and seek the knowledge, embrace it, learn and grow until it is yours. Another quote my mentor said is “You can’t have it until you can language it”. You have to be able to specifically and clearly articulate the challenge that is facing you, as well as the solution before it will be yours. This is where I see many riders fall down. They speak about what they don’t want, and how it feels, and how bad it is, rather than just be a computer.

The challenge is X

The solution is Y

Therefore the next step of action is Z.

I don’t know maths so I’m not going to make a formula! 😉

But the principle is the same. We all need to be dedicated life-long learners if we are to be successful. I am constantly pushing and looking to learn more, do more and be more in my riding. I’m never ‘there’ I have never ‘arrived’ and I never completely ‘get’ it. I am constantly green and growing and learning, and as I grow from others who have been before me, I pass on my knowledge to others behind me so they too can enjoy the results.

So have an amazing week and enjoy seeking out the knowledge and learning! 🙂

To Your Success,

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P.S. Trust you are smiling!!

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