Half halts – when to use them and what to do?

Welcome to this weeks episode. This week Natasha was feeling the pregnancy pains at 36 weeks, but still wanted to deliver you an episode. So we have picked a small clip from her dressage mastery program on half halts as Natasha is still getting many questions about this topic.

I wanted to give you a sneak peek into Dressage Mastery Academy.

What is a half halt – outside rein!! It might be strong or very very tiny. The whole premise of a half halt is the get the horse prepared – for a transition or get the horse to sit on its hindlegs. It packages up the horse so that you are ready to do something! There are a couple of different ways to do half halt. One to get the horse collected and to bring the horse back with more weight on the hind legs, and a slightly different one for when the horse is going forward to get the horse balanced.

In this clip I am riding my young warmblood and gets you up close with the help from the GoPro. Enjoy and hopefully I will be back on the horse in the next few weeks!

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