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Tash Training

I don’t know about you but my horse was hilariously funny yesterday and today… very full of himself, bucking and carrying on… and very, very, very forward which is unlike him!!!! 🙂

I realised he changed paddocks Monday, and perhaps the new green grass was getting to him!

I don’t like making excuses. The feed, his back, the surface, weather… blah blah… I could go on and on! The only reality is I have to ride what is underneath me. So I had to do some clever training this week!

His warm-up had to be changed, his lead-in exercises had to be changed, and because of his energy his changes were going up and down with a stiff back instead of forward and through. So today we stopped doing them, and I took all this energy into half pass work – needless to say I lost the energy then! 🙂

The point is with training and riding horses sometimes they are different, what worked in the past now doesn’t work, and what didn’t work may work if you play with it. That’s the fun and complexities of dressage. Remember the most important principle is to have behavioural flexibility and work with the horse, and what it is offering. It’s all play so just enjoy

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P.S. Hope this has helped you in your riding journey!

P.P.S. Keep smiling! :)