Mini Series on Your Seat in the Different Gaits of the Horse – Part 1: Seat at Walk

This is Part 1 of a 4 part series on the horse riding seat in the different gaits. It seems important that we start with the fundamentals at the beginning. ‘The Walk’. How should we hold ourselves and how does our seat influence the walk.

In this episode Natasha explains the basics, but must knows with the walk seat and demonstrates them on her young Warmblood Gretchen. Enjoy the first of this mini series.

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In walk seat is the easiest seat in the gaits, as you have more time to react – the horse isn’t going as fast, and there isn’t that moment of suspension.

You need to think about the line of your heel, your hip and your shoulder – all in a straight line. You also need to think about the straight line between your elbow, your wrist and the horses mouth.

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