Thursday 5/07/2012

I LOVE to get results. But, like many of you, I find it easy to get frustrated that things aren’t moving quickly enough or well enough. When this happens, it’s very easy to fall in a hole.

You know the feeling when you put in so much time, energy and heart into something… and it doesn’t work out. That’s tough. And I’m human. I experience that kick in the guts the same way as any of you do. And yes! It hurts!!!! Lots!!!!

But the trick is not letting that become important. You can’t let yourself focus on what you have missed out on. The fact is… you had an opportunity to have another learning experience. The fact is, time, energy and heart doesn’t determine if something will be successful … until you have learned the strategy. 

Let’s say I want to cook the best chocolate cake in the world. I spend 5 hours a day cooking, I use up all my energy in the kitchen, and inside my heart I love to cook and it’s all about cooking. If I am using a recipe which says to use pepper instead of cocoa in the cake… I WILL NEVER MAKE an even remotely good chocolate cake, let alone the best chocolate cake in the world! 

I’m not saying time, energy and heart are not important! They are vital keys to success! The best chocolate cake in the world doesn’t get made unless you take the time to learn how to make it, and expend the energy to create it. BUT the strategy must come first!!!!

This is why I am so excited about my new workshop – Get the body you need for riding success. It’s all about strategy! How to stop self-sabotage, how to get the body you want, how to get the strength and suppleness you need to ride effectively. If you are struggling with your body challenges, and would like to learn how to master your nutrition and exercise, click here.

To Your Success,

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