Love that word!

I love taking action towards my goals! I love ticking off projects and seeing how much I have achieved.

How about you?

But sometimes I get frustrated because I know what I want to achieve … (that’s the easy part) – but I don’t know how to go about achieving it. Then I know – ok, I need to get some more education and learning around this, so I know what steps I should take to get my goal.

Brad Sugars says ‘don’t motivate an idiot, they just do stupid things faster’ – while I don’t believe I am or anyone is an idiot, I understand the message. There is no point getting all motivated and taking EXTREME ACTION, until you know what action you must take. Otherwise you will – as he says – do stupid things even faster.

On the flip side of that however, I don’t believe in lining all your ducks up in a row, and waiting for the moon to align with Venus, and the spirit of the oak tree… to agree that THIS is the RIGHT time for action! There will never be the ‘right’ time to take action, there will always be more to learn, more to prepare and more to perfect. So don’t wait too long, or you will never get there!

Humans learn in the doing. How did we all learn to walk? By getting up and ‘doing’ it… yep, we failed … a lot, but we kept going until we got there. So it’s the same principle. A child doesn’t say – ok I’m going to walk at 2 months, when it hasn’t got crawling and rolling around nailed first. But the baby doesn’t sit around and philosophise, so that when he is 8 years old perhaps he has read enough books on walking, and studied it enough and learned enough perhaps he will be prepared to walk correctly and properly the first time.

So what goal are you chasing and not getting? Is it because you need to sit back and get some more knowledge about it? OR is it because you are procrastinating about taking any action at all?

Remember the goal is irrelevant and meaningless, who you need to become to get it is much more important.

To Your Success,

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