Wednesday 12/09/2012

Hey super star riders!!!!

Well I did it!!!!! :):)

Not sure if you remember, but last week I was talking about my learning’s in my test, and how I was going to go with a new strategy and see how it went at the next competition…



Of course – not perfect… because nothing is perfect, but this strategy improved the results in the test, and allowed us to have a much more accurate and flowing test! So good enough for me! We ended up scoring 60.479% in the Grand Prix, which gave us 3rd out of 10 riders. Weeeeee!!!!! :):):)

Check out the test below…

So excited! And not even close to nailing the strategy, and still need to implement 5 others – so all good – we can only improve from here! 🙂

This is where knowing strategy is so important! Strategies make the difference between guaranteed outcomes, and just hoping you get it right. I am so excited to be sharing with you strategies for your success at my new workshop in October. The early bird special ends next week, so make sure you check it out and save yourself over $900, and claim your three free bonuses! Click here to find out more!! 🙂

To Your Success!

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p.s –  To read more about what Natasha did in her test, and how she perfected her strategy click here if you are a Your Riding Success member.

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