Hands up in this weather you have done the whole “I will ride after work 4 times a week” and at the end of the week ….. ridden once?

What’s with that?

Don’t you love humans! I think it is hilarious that our words really struggle to match up to our actions at times.

You see – you probably make the decision to ride after work the night before, the 9pm you is calm, rational and knows you need to ride, and after work is a logical time to fit it in. 9pm you is so brilliant it even packs your riding clothes in a bag for you to change into, and plans the training session. 9pm you is planned, prepared and looking forward to the ride at 5pm tomorrow.


Then 5pm you arrives! 5pm you has had a long day at work, annoying phone calls, a short lunch, and an irritable client. 5pm you looks outside and sees that it is raining, windy and cold. 5pm you doesn’t agree with 9pm you’s plan. 5pm you thinks going home for a hot chocolate and a sit in front of the fire is a much better option. 9pm you hates 5pm you, because 5pm you always stands in the way of progress and being all you can be.

Sound familiar?

So what to do? How do you stop letting 5pm you win, and stand in your way, and stop your results?

The answer is let your unconscious control 5pm, not your conscious mind. Your conscious mind knows how to create excuses, your conscious mind knows how to bargain and do the “I’ll do it tomorrow” thing, your conscious mind knows how to win.

You unconscious though has no agenda, it does what it is programmed to do. Your unconscious mind is what gets you to brush your teeth every day. You don’t put that off, or do that tomorrow, you have a program – whether it is after breakfast, or before you leave for work, or when you get up, but there is an anchor which sets off that strategy to run which makes sure it happens … and you don’t need to think about it.

The same can happen with your riding. What you need to do is create a habit. A habit is unconscious, you do it without thinking. My husband has gotten up every morning for the last 417 mornings of his life and gone running. He has programmed himself. Even if we are on holiday he is up and running, one morning we had to get up at 5am for sightseeing, and he was up at 4am running. In this case the hotel gym wasn’t open and it wasn’t safe to run outside in the dark – this was the middle of Bangkok, so he ran on the spot for 30mins!! Obsessive? Yes :) But it works!

You need to build the habit of riding, that no matter what weather, excuse, circumstance, event… happens to you, you don’t miss it.

So make this commitment for the next 21 days or 30 days … 1st June is tomorrow… you will create a habit! It takes at least 21 days to form a habit. It can be anything you want, drinking more water, riding certain days, getting up and exercising – most importantly that you just make the day, time and schedule it in. Same as you know you have a meeting every Monday with your team, you know Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat are riding days.

Good luck creating your success habits!!!

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Natasha Althoff

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